Adkar Infographics


Adkar Infographics Templates – Powerpoint templates, Apple Keynote files, Google slides and Abode Illustrator files


Present your ADKAR analysis to your investor and colleagues in a such a way that you all can make the right decisions to meet your expectations. ADKAR stands for; Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement. Knowing this kind of information is going to help you present why some changes are easy and successfully done while others do not. That is why we have created ADKAR Infographics Template. By downloading this set of infographics, you are going to be able to keep all your information organized. Your audience is going to easily see all the important factors you are presenting.

Features: – 

  • PowerPoint Files
  • Apple Keynote Files
  • Google Slides Files
  • Adobe Illustrator Files
  • 130+ Free Theme Colors
  • 16:9 HD Aspect Ratio
  • All Graphic Resizable and Editable


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